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The Power of Ageing and why you should start telling people to mind their own f@!/xxg business!!!!

Been a while but I mainly write to myself so didn't completely disconnect. The past months have been busy, juggling everyday day life, my family, jobs, ups & downs and in between modelling, delivering those self tapes on time or rushing to castings. Things are going quite well and I am still here to tell you that yes you can model over 50, be a happy, balanced mature model as it is fun and empowering. I am really enjoying the journey and take jobs as they come, a perfect way to break the routine and be someone else for a couple of hours, or days.

Lately, I have been thinking about how I am feeling now that I am 50. I realised that I am really enjoying who I am, I feel in control, walking high and proud, at ease in my body and soul. I really feel like I finally know how to drive that supercar that is my body and soul whereas I had no idea what I was doing when I was younger. I know that society drives us towards "the best" and expensive artificial image of ourselves, selling us creams, make up & accessories that are supposed to make us feel good, but let's not kid ourselves, if the base is not at peace you will crack. I really feel that women should speak up more about their experiences and tell each other that ageing is a wonderful journey and to not be afraid of it but embrace it. A mature woman is beautiful inside out because she feels whole, it's as simple as that and it shows. The confidence you have is empowering, exhilarating even, anyone telling you otherwise is not good for you.

I have done 3 jobs lately that I really enjoyed, that I am really proud to be part of.

This one for Waterford is a great example of diversity. Thanks to Alice for welcoming me again.

I have to admit I am not into trends nor into make up but when I am on set I sometimes get crazy about a coat, boots or even make up, yes I am shallow and I have no shame saying it, I also like to be all made up sometimes. I did that job for Casella Meyer and swear I fell in love with a coat and a pair of boots. The shoot was another great example of diversity, nice talents and crew.

For those who are following the journey, remember I was in the Maldives in March for a shoot with TUI, well here is the final result of this super cool job.

I have done a really cool job for Studio London and cannot wait to show you the final images, another great example of diversity as I like it and as I think it should be. I cannot wait for the day I won't be surprised to have been picked for a job anymore as that would mean things are the way they should be, representing everyone.

See you soon and in between, trust yourself and enjoy the journey.


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