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And the others.....

It's been a while and I have been so busy with everything that I was starting to think that I would never post again, after all, what's the point? Well the point is that I like doing it, not that I have millions of people reading, but who cares, since as I said in the beginning, if I inspire one person, my job is done, and I have: my niece Ella Louise Kablan eh_labas, who is doing very well and, I do not want to speak for her, modelling is the best therapy... So, Ella has now been in her first ever TV commercial, and, a cool one: Boursorama Jean Dujardin

When I look at what Ella is doing, I am proud because she came to me and said:"I want to do this and become that" and I said "Sure you can.", much like my brother told me when I told him I wanted to start modelling. It was all I needed, one person to encourage me. I am super happy that my enthusiasm, trust and encouragement helped lead to Ella travelling to Budapest to shoot this cool commercial. I told you :)

And the others? My friends or simply other mature models that I have met on set and that I now see in commercials. Well, I am always happy to see them succeed and always happy to point at the screen when I recognise someone. They are my competition and vice versa but when I see them, I see parts of myself and here lies the victory. There are more and more of us and until we are seen and not "trendified" and diversity is no longer an issue I will not stop, and shout to anyone ready to listen that we can all model as we represent everyone.

My friend Cain who has been on London Tube station walls for a while with me, is in another really cool TV commercial for a well-known brand! Have you seen Cain in the 2022 Boots Christmas commercial? That is a consecration as Christmas adverts are like the Grail.

I have seen a lot of people I know lately in cool adverts and well done to you guys! But one that I really think is the utmost cool is the one for Uber Eats Sobackinthedaysvibe with a cool guy, Onosky Ujorha that I met on set for a film that should be out soon.

Yet, another example that we can all do it.

Now, what have I been up to lately? A lot of self tapes, a couple of cool covid back ups (that is a new job in itself) and a couple of cool jobs. My favourite? This one for Waterford is a pleasure to the eyes and all about what I want to see more and more of: a mix of elegance and great diversity, one for which I only gave a hand :) All photos by @sean_mcgirr

It's been an interesting year for me and I look forward to next year for once. I usually don't like the end of year celebrations, the lack of light, the feeling of starting the same s... over again but life is precious and time flies so as soon as I feel disheartened, I just reach out to loved ones et voilà :)

I wish you all a great end of year, by January 22nd next year, this blog will be called YesYouCanModelOver50 and do everything else!, until then don't forget to love...


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