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Do you see me?

We all have the desire to be seen, as being seen means we are. Being seen means we are something to someone, but do we need to be seen by all? Do we need everybody acknowledging that we exist? No. If during our entire lifetime we are seen by just one person and through their eyes we see love, we are blessed. It's often maternal or paternal love that should make it but sometimes, no. It will be someone else along your journey who will give you this precious look back that will make you go a long way. When you have that, you don't need anyone else approval to understand that you are worth it, hence why you'll be free and happy to do whatever brings you joy in life. I thought I had lost it when my brother passed away 4 years ago, my biggest fan, but no. I still see it, feel it from my supportive family and friends. With the pride in the eyes of my daughters and my siblings, I am good.

For the past 4 years I have taken one day at a time and each day tried to get this little moment of happiness that makes me feel alive and connected. Modelling brings that, it's the time out I need in my life, simple fun. It is a great distraction, a break from reality and a great way of discovering oneself. It challenges me and helped get rid of all the complexes often carried for way too long. An example: for a long time, I was self conscious of my lips and teeth, envied by some and disliked by others; but I don't care today. Here is what my lips and teeth do for me today:

I did this job for @studiolondonbysuperdrug and I love the result. Colourful, in your face and voila, j'adore. I really enjoyed seeing my facial traits valorised like this, I wouldn't have bet on it back in the day. I usually arrive on set not knowing what to expect and I like to be surprised, challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone. I am never disappointed, either I simply have fun, learn something or meet someone nice.

Another job I did for @ascotracecourse. During this one, I learnt that I can take extreme cold in a sleeveless dress and open toe shoes, painful, but nice crew so the result is super cool, I love the contrast of it all. Proud to be part of this campaign. I like the BTS more than anything so here it is:

A little confession, I am quite busy so I rarely know what to expect on set, I rarely read all the information sent. I read the essential, when, where and try not to mix days and be late, not professional. Now, with this job I did for @B&Q by the master @elliottpower who also does "The Voice", I just didn't know where they were going with it but I love the result.

That's it for me, the end of the year and beginning of the year ended and started well, casting after casting and bagging some nice jobs, no pressure. So, yes I can model at 51 and do everything else with a smile on my face, when do you start?


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