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Hi! So Glad You're Here.

​​Welcome to YesYouCanModelOver50...and do everything else!
This blog is the story of my journey of becoming a model... in London... with all the challenges while approaching the golden age of 50.  It all started with me being extremely shy, to the present, with me making a living posing for a camera.  I now know and can confidently say that everything is possible when you believe and listen to yourself.

My goal is to help you become a model, fulfil your dreams, achieve goals and thrive in a new career.  I will give advice on defining your brand and how to build your portfolio with the best photographers. Most importantly, giving advice on networking, getting signed and working with modelling agencies.  Overall, you will see that being mature is not a handicap when you really desire something. 

This will be a step by step guide of how I went from dreaming and wanting to do modelling to actually doing it. Don't waste your time searching for modelling on the internet.  Stay away from the "venue" agencies, that ask for a fee upfront and don't be discouraged by the glamorous images you see, we are all human.  I have been through this, I am currently going through it and I am planning for so much more.  So let me guide you and I am confident my experience will help you build a foundation of your own.

Welcome to my journey, let's do this together!

Over 40 model with Photograoher Jeff Marano
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