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I'm ok, don't worry (Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas)

Beginning of year and modelling has been quiet since mi-December and you're eager to get back in the game but nothing comes until mid-January. In between you have avoided the end of year celebrations as much as you can, some people just don't get that not everyone wants to celebrate but just need a bit of peace and quiet. Anyway, back to work and routine and self tapes start coming back into your mailbox, it's a numbers thing so make them the best you can. I tend not to make a big deal of it, follow the directions, I don't wear make up and wear clothes to show my silhouette, usually t-shirt and pants. I usually go with the first take as it is spontaneous and natural and send. Then, it is up to the casting director and the client to pick and choose and I do not to overthink it, if I am picked cool if not, next. Getting a job or not has nothing to do with you, remember that when you start overthinking and fretting about it all. There's tons of us trying in this business and I, you, can't win all the time. Sometimes somebody else's profile fits the storyboard better, as simple as that.

I keep saying that modelling is fun and yes it is. I don't see it as a job, more as my side fun hustle and I want more of it. Of course there is the underlying and very important reason of showing more black grey hair mature women and make sure that this conversation evolves but still, fun, always up for fun.

At the beginning of the year I was really amused and proud to see myself a couple of times in Metro and Marie Claire (FR) to illustrate a fitness article. These are library photos and as I have said before, do some but not too much as you do not control when and who is going to use them. This time good pick.

I am not a gym addict, I actually don't go to the gym, waste of money and time for me. I train with my sister Prudence @prudycoach who is a certified PT, at least once a week. She saved my sanity during Covid and simply keeps me in shape, when I am not the easiest person to train, quite lazy to be honest and tends to be rude when in pain :). My body is now toned and I feel healthy. I am quite active so all in all happy to stay in shape without being obsessed about it, just a matter of common sense, exercise and good food.

For those who are following, you might have noticed that my blog is now as I am now 50. On my birthday, I said nonchalantly that I needed a holiday, one can dream in the middle of January. Well, someone heard me as I got a request to self tape, thanks to @sourcemodels, for a TUI commercial in the Maldives with Cain (the tube advert model) and we got the job. We spent 6 days in paradise, shooting with one of the best team ever, I had the feeling to be on holiday with friends. The Maldives is indeed breathtaking but I would never have dreamed of getting paid to shoot there. That is what modelling can give you, you just have to believe in yourself and give it a try. I don't have the commercial yet but I will show you when it's out. So far the best destination I have been to and I will remember this forever. See for yourself.

The team: Anita, Jamie, Cain, Alexandra, Dan, Ed, Jack, Northy, Josh, Karen, Darren, Katharina, Natacha, Vicki. Guys thanks a lot for this amazing trip.

Ohhhh, nearly forgot to say that I did this in between:

And that's it for Q1. Looking forward to Q2 and more exciting and fun jobs. If you're still wondering if you should give it a try, listening to other people's view of yourself and feeling like it's not for you, well stay tuned, you might change your mind.


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