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Welcome the unexpected...

I have always been the YOLO kind (just for you C) and really try to live life at the fullest, simply because life can be short. I try not to worry, overthink and like challenges. Always happy to try new things, that's me. Modelling can be all this, unexpected, crazy, challenging and that is why I hang in there and expect to get always more. Now, as I said last time, I have started a new job in January that is taking me a lot of time but I am getting there, balancing it all and staying sane. I really enjoy the multi tasking and getting that job made me realised my modelling priorities. I want to be seen where I am of course not expected but I want quality, sustainability, kindness, respect and fun so I am now being picky. It's not the beginning anymore when you accept everything because you're happy they chose you, I really have an agenda now, fighting ageism, racism and sizeism and I would rather work for sustainable brands because we only have one planet.

I have done some cool stuff lately and one was an editorial in a magazine called The Happy Reader. The Happy reader, as described on their website, is a magazine about reading for those who want to stay inspired, informed and entertained which is so perfect for me as I love books. The concept of the magazine is simple: the first half is a long-form interview with a notable book fanatic and the second half explores one classic work of literature. That is how I became, Mrs Bulstrode, one of the characters of Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life by Mary Ann Evans who, for reasons of societal sexism, wrote under the pen name George Eliot. The set was really cool and they put me in a Yves Saint-Laurent outfit and the skirt that unfortunately is not on the shot was to die for. I had the chance to meet and talk (literally) to the camera of the talented Marton Perlaki et voilà! and of course I got myself a copy.

The Happy Reader

To do photo library or to not do photo library, that is the question. I would say it's like everything else, be reasonable. What is photo library for a model? It's a way of spreading your image without booking a big job. You do not need any experience as it is often lifestyle shots so everyday life situations. Photo library is a good way to have your face around but be aware that you have no control once you sign the release of who is going to buy the shot and how it is going to be used. There are some rules that will protect you against inappropriate usage but still. I did some photo library photoshoots and they were all nice and I have seen my face around a couple of times or friends will tell me they spotted me. The one I really like is the cover of the newspaper The Voice because what were the chances of me getting the front page of Britain's only Black national newspaper with such an entourage. Well done, indeed!

Year of the black woman

Now, I think you all know about the only day in the year when women's right are celebrated. We could discuss the notion of the 1 day only but you know what I think and I never listen so there is no 1 day rule for me. This year for IWD I was invited by an agency I am signed with, Contact to co-create and produce with 5 other women a creative shoot inspired by the evolution of feminism. We got together for 3 days and created this documentary: The Evolution of femininity Contact's International Womxn's Day Campaign. I had a great time working with these 4 beautiful souls and the team was awesome.


@Nan Mthembu - @sansmelanin


Alex Charles - @alexkingchuck


Vénus Apovo - @venus_a_officiel


Hanifah Mohammad - @hanifah_mohammad


Bryanna Ryder - @bryanna_angel_mua

Thanks to Hayley at contact for managing it all and being so kind, Jordan and Thomas for being the masters behind the camera.

That is all for me as I will not bore you more. One last advice if they say no, tell yourself yes! See you soon and enjoy life and your loved ones.


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