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To write or not to write...

To read or not to read?

I have wondered the whole month if I was going to keep on writing this blog when I realised that people do not read anymore as we are in the podcast era. People don't have time to read, which is sad, as it should be something people make time for. Anyway, writing right now showed me that I like and need to write. It puts me in a good mood, gives me time to reflect and in a way shows me my improvements. Everything goes so fast we don't even take the time to celebrate, so I will keep on writing as it becomes my life journal.

Still people don't have the time or take the time to read, so who am I writing for? I have decided that I will try to record each post and hope to have an audio file for each post ready by next month. I am doing it as an exercise to practise my diction, my English and tell a story. I am quite proud because I found a solution to a problem, I just didn't give up and I have new challenges, so I am excited. That is how I approach life, whatever the challenges, I will process until I find a solution. I'll see if it makes a difference. Does it really matter? Not really, as the effect of this blog on me is important, it's like therapy, just free. This blog helps me keep track of time so I will keep on writing as it gives me great pleasure and hopefully to you too.

Let me know what you think of the audio files to come. Thanks for reading though.


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