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How often have I heard "I couldn't be a model, I wouldn't deal well with rejection, I'm too shy etc." and I have to say that when I started, I had to learn to take the Nos.

No from agencies, No from agents, No from casting directors, No from clients and it can be unsettling especially when you don't really know how all this works. Then, I got more insight about the process of getting a job, getting signed into an agency, finding an agent, being seen by casting directors and I don't take it personally anymore. Not that I ever did, but I didn't understand the Nos as I didn't have the knowledge of the selection processes.

I have had Nos before getting a Yes from the same agencies and you do wonder why they finally take you in. It can be a photo that changes everything or a campaign, I would never really know but what I want to show here is that Nos are not always final. You keep your Nos on the side and try again months later with new photos or a new job to show.

I would love to have feedback when I go to a casting but understand that it is impossible as we can be thousands to be seen and casting directors don't have the time to individually give any feedback. It would be great for improvements but here is another thing I understood, there is a mood board and it is the base of the decision, sometimes it can be derailed a bit but not that much; so once again it has nothing to do with you.

All you can do is be ready and go to your casting (or make your self tape) and give your best, same during a recall (it means they saw you once, you're on a shortlist and they want to see more from you) All you have to do is follow directions and do whatever actions/expressions they want. Once again it has nothing to do with you as a person so don't take it personally when you don't get the job.

Being a model can be unsettling if one is insecure, that is why I really wanted to write this post. I had a saying when I was still working in the corporate world that can be a real snakes basket "they didn't make me so they can't kill me" you will always meet some nasty people, hello!!!!! we are all on Planet Earth, just remember not to give them the power to hurt you...


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