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One whole year in, for what results?

Yes, that's it, I have been modelling full time for one whole year and it is time to reflect on what I have achieved and make a decision.

When I was made redundant in August 2020, the plan was to make plan B become plan A, that is, part time modelling becoming full time and bye bye to the corporate world, no more office, clock in and out, annoying boss, fake nice colleagues, dull Christmas parties and I could go on and on.

Now let's be honest, the transition was brutal because unexpected and anything unplanned is always chaotic. I was grieving, not at full capacity to take life changing decisions but taking decisions in the middle of a pandemic was a first, so I though that whatever happened I could always blame it on being stuck inside and the worldwide uncertainty.

The truth is that this general uncertainty made me bolder, nothing to lose, and that has always been me, life is short, let's give it a try. From August 2020 to September 2021, I have worked more than I could have expected, completed around 30 paid jobs and some really interesting unpaid projects that are as important as those bring you experience, network and purpose.

If there is one thing I had the time to reflect on this past year it is the why? Why am I modelling? Is it because I have a huge ego? Am I in need of recognition having been invisible from the start? Am I such a misfit that I cannot stand the corporate world anymore and take the risk of going solo, self employed in a job that can be very volatile?

It is all about freedom, even if you know that you will never really be free, but that is the best way I found not to fully hate society and slow down the rat race. I have no illusion as I am part of it but it is less painful on a day to day basis. I got to a point where I just couldn't stand the pre-conceived stages of one's life, I played the part all my life and was dismissed like I never existed and confined since March 2020 to a reduced life that is dictated by a bunch of elitists know-nothing-of-real-life. So I decided I would take all the freedom I can, starting by what paid the bills and gave me satisfaction at the same time; modelling is perfect for me. I have always hated routines and plans.

I am looking forward to next year as things are going well and getting better and better in terms of choices and projects as without even knowing it, the whole story is not random, I am discovering it myself, so cannot really explain it clearly right now but it is taking form.

So, you got it, I will keep on doing what I am doing and let's talk about it all in a year time....

With a big smile of course :)


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