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Menopause, the unknown...

34 different symptoms and counting, irregular periods, weight gain, vaginal dryness, lack of sleep, mood swings to which I could add shame, pain, loneliness, depression, and I could go on and on. Menopause or perimenopause is the uninvited stranger and I am living with it. Society though still expects me to be functioning, jolly and performing at every level, like I had no other reasons to be in pain and emotional this past year.

I am amazed that it is only now in 2021 that media are openly talking about it and when I say media, it is public figures, women, opening up about their own troubled journeys.

I have been experiencing the most obvious symptoms of menopause for the past year and thanks to female friends and relative in the same boat, I decided to take the matter into my own hands one month ago. I went for natural remedies and so far so good.

My first instinct though was to call my GP after an episode of excruciating pain one morning that took me to the floor. Scary. I called and could only get a phone appointment. Total waste of time, I felt dismissed didn't get any valuable information and was sent some links through a text message for me to research the best treatment. Not impressed. A couple of weeks later, I called again after a talk with a friend who had managed to talk to a GP who knew about menopause and was able to help. I wasn't that lucky, I called and asked for someone who was interested in menopause but got the same kind of answer, that is nothing.

The truth is, I am very angry. I suffered like hell as a teenager with my periods, as a young woman and a mum. Only the pill could soften the pain but after my second child and with more information on the damage the pill can do to my body, I made the conscious decision to ditch it along with painkillers and only rely on natural remedies. I have trained myself to manage the pain and it works.

I then got to the age of 48, and now have to go through another stage of pain because society does not care about women at every stage of their lives. Menopause is a blow when you finally feel like you've done it all and well. No, you still have to go through that shit and in silence please. Hell no. It is time that women at every step of their lives are acknowledged and taken care of. The few treatments that are on the market are harmful so we are on our own.

I have read sad stories of women losing their families, jobs, mind over not being informed about menopause and the shame that is still so strong surrounding it. Yes, I am on the path of menopause, does it make me less of a woman? Hell no. Only one piece of advice, don't wait for society to do it, take the matter in your own hands and talk to each other. We have the solutions, let's make sure that we can answer our daughters' questions when the time comes; no more waiting for a patriarchal society to take care of their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins and friends; ingrates.


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