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Let's talk about...Money!

Like politics, people are generally not at ease when talking about money. Let me tell you some realities and truths about making money as a model.

People tend to think when you say "I am a model" that you make tons of money and that you are living the high life...This might be true for some very famous models but for those I call "the people models" and I am one of them and proud to be, it can be a different story.

When I decided to model full time, in the middle of a pandemic without my monthly fixed salary getting into my account anymore, I wasn't rich, not poor but definitely not at ease financially. I went from a nearly 3K salary to asking support to Universal Credit, a total nightmare. The first thing I did was clear my finances and try to be careful with money because if there is one thing that you cannot anticipate when you model, is when you will get paid. That is a major issue for me and I am sure for most models.

A couple of weeks ago a modelling agency, Sandra Reynolds @sandrareynoldsagency, with which I am signed, announced they will now pay their models the day after the job is completed, that is very good news and about time. I hope that all agencies will follow as waiting a month to get paid is for me acceptable but above 4 weeks, it is a total lack of respect for the model. We are like everybody else, with mortgages, kids, bills etc. and we deserve to be treated with respect and paid in a reasonable timeframe.

Agencies, clients, need to realise that once they have what they wanted from us, they should pay us as soon as possible, it is as simple as that and should be the least that they could do. Having to chase money for jobs that took place in June and July, that is my current reality, is outrageous.

Models serve the purpose of clients' marketing, agencies are the middle man and everybody should benefit from it but if the model is the fifth wheel of the wagon, there is a true problem and it is the responsibility of the client and the agency to treat the model well and not have us begging for something that is due and too often overdue. It is the responsibility of the model to raise her/his voice to make sure that agencies implement best practices as unpleasant as it can be.

Well done Sandra Reynolds, now who's next?

Model respect


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