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Is working during a pandemic a good sign for the future?

To be honest with you, losing my job in the middle of a pandemic was scary.

It was the worst moment ever, I was dealing with my grief and I really thought what the hell. The truth is, I hated my 9 to 5, the job itself was great, the team pleasant but you only need one person to spoil it all, I will spare you the details. I was paying the bills and above all I was working on my plan B thinking that by the age of 50 it would become my plan A, so whatever unpleasant things happened at work I bottled it up.

Today when I look back, I am not surprised by the brutal way this change happened, that's the story of my life, and good or bad I thrive under pressure. I said last month that I had 2 nice commercials coming out and here they are:

This commercial for DocuSign was just great. I had to travel to Barcelona last May to shoot and apart from getting the job, it meant I was going to see my twins sisters and nieces and my brand new nephew. I jumped on the plane, forgetting all about my fear of flying and had an awesome time.

The crew in Barcelona was lovely, the weather was awesome, no tourists and plenty of time with my family. The final result is great and I am proud to be represented like this in the commercial, a boss in my Bentley. All in all a great experience.

I told you about my passion for music, I cannot do anything if I do not have music.

So, when I was casted for this commercial for the Google Pixels Buds A-Series I was naturally happy. What you see in this commercial is what you would see if you saw me in the street.

I smile and dance and always look this happy walking in the street.

Great easy job with a very nice crew for a great result. See for yourself.

I am getting more and more jobs that are significantly important in terms of image and that's a priority on my to do list.

Now what happened when I am not booked for 1 week, 2 weeks or more, do I panic? Let me be honest with you, yes a little.

I am now a self employed model so if I don't get jobs I don't make money and I am not rich, yet... I always tell myself, when I am pencilled (it means "maybe you will get the job", but as I always say you don't have the job until you are on set) and I finally don't get the job, that I cannot have them all, literally, I can't. I usually keep myself busy with my family, my blog and other projects that come my way.

I am not in a position, yet, where I am financially at ease, I started modelling full time in August last year so it is a little bit early to know if I will be able to live only on modelling and be financially at ease but I will not give up.

The quality of life compared to my 9 to 5 is way better and at least I cannot be made redundant again. It is a life's choice that is risky but stepping out of my home everyday in the world we live in is risky and at least I am choosing this one.

I have worked more than I thought was possible in the middle of a pandemic so I am quite confident for the future.

It is summer time, I have no idea what's coming for me but I am relax and enjoying one day after the other, no pressure and I will of course keep you updated on my new jobs.

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