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Let's chat+...

If you feel you need more than blog tips and a personalised experience,

I might be able to help!


Propose 2 "booster" packages for people ready to give it a go

After a FREE introduction call (via phone or Zoom), you can, if we have both agreed to
work together, buy 1 booster package depending on  your needs:

5 calls/Zoom package at £800 (expires 3 months after purchase) 


10 calls/Zoom package at £1600 (expires 3 months after purchase)  

During the calls we will, together, define a personalised road map and organise the relevant workshops with the relevant professionals, face to face.  

This is a personalised package to help you become a model, however there is no guarantee of success.

Welcome to my journey, let's do this together!

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