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The New Silver Generation, an old gang modelling venture Part III: The Magazine and the BTS

If you have been following the blog monthly, you already know all about the New Silver Generation, 5 mature models that came together to do this....

I would like to thank Kai @the.soho.girl for the opportunity of being front page of My Soho Times Magazine @mysohotimes

You can read the article and see the great photos here: @mysohotimes/autumn_digital_2021

We also have this film from Jeremy Levis @montelupofilms with great behind the scenes and talks with the models, which is inspirational and educational.

I would really like to thank the team that worked on this project. I enjoyed working with them all and hope to do it again.

Iconic Photographer

Photographer Assistant @tomtrevatt

Videographer @montelupofilms

Stylist Assistant @dunkpond

Hair/locs Stylist @locsmith_

Producer Assist @joeladamagueye


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