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The New Silver Generation: an old gang modelling venture Part II:

I told you last month about this new adventure that is the New Silver Generation @new.silver.generation and now I have the photos (been waiting for them like my Christmas presents!) You can see for yourself that models over 40 and above can model, and model well.

The New Silver Generation was created by Tony @antonyfitzgerald1964 to celebrate and promote mature models of colour within the fashion and beauty industry.

My home made teaser with Behind The Scenes:

The beautiful photos by Ivan Weiss

Chetan, @ceejayfiery

and myself, @venus_a_officiel

The next step for this first project together is to have an article in the magazine My Soho Times @mysohotimes and maybe in other magazines, time will tell, but I will of course keep you updated and will show off the article as soon as I have it.

In the meantime, we had the pleasure to do a radio interview at Soho Radio where we were invited by Kai aka the Soho Girl.

We talked about The New Silver Generation, diversity, fashion and more, on top of great music. You can listen to the interview by clicking on this link:

We are, of course, promoting our work on social media and anywhere we can, as the ultimate goal is to be more visible so don't hesitate and spread the word and join the movement, all welcome.


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