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"The New Silver Generation", an all old gang modelling venture

48, mature black female and grey. Do I have all it takes to become a long lasting mature model? Some will say yes and some will say no.

In the meantime, I have taken actions to make things happen. I am signed in 15 agencies so far:

Real London Casting @rlcasting

Source Models @sourcemodels

IMM Models @immmodels

Gingersnap @gingersnapmodels

Sandra Reynolds @sandrareynoldsagency

Lucinda Leon Management @lucindaleonmanagement

Flair Talent @flairtalent

Reality Check Management @realitychecktalent

Crumb Agency @crumbagency

Contact Models @contact.models

SOS Agency @sportsofseb

Bec Models @bec_agency_

Eden Model Management @edenmodelmanagement

T-ypo Talent Agency @typoagency

I work regularly but there is one thing that is missing and that is harder for me: editorial and fashion. It is true that the fashion side of the industry is stricter when it comes to measurements and looks but things are slowly changing and I don't want to miss that train. If agencies and clients don't have the time to see my full potential, it is my duty to show myself off. How do you do that? By having a great portfolio that you at least update annually and by getting involved in projects that make you step out of your comfort zone, be where you are not expected.

When Tony told me about the opportunity he had of being the guest editor of a magazine I was simply happy for him. Later he told me more about his project and of course I was interested but, because there was a but, I was too young to be part of it. He wanted models that were 50 and above and I am only 48.5. Well, I fought and kind of pled my case because when you're nearly 50, you're 50, especially when you have grey hair like me. After a couple of conversations and more pleading from me, he finally invited me to participate in this awesome shoot:

Let me introduce you to The New Silver Generation

Chetan: @ceejayfiery

Chetan is (in his own words) passionate about life and humanity. He loves connecting with people/cultures/languages and has a pulse on the radical shifts that we all are undergoing in the present times.

He loves mentoring and working with anyone to support them in finding their purpose and meaning in life.

Style to him is about walking the talk no matter what clothes one wears!

Myself, you know a bit about me by now.

Claudia is (in her own words) an actor, model, voice over artist as well as a producer and entrepreneur. She is currently working on the making of a documentary about Eric and Jessica Huntley, pioneers, activists and one of the first Black-owned independent publishing companies in the UK: Bogle l'Ouverture Publications.

Tony is (in his own words) a "New Silver Generation" model. Bold, unique and redefining beauty.

Gloria is (in her own words) a mother, an aunt, a friend and many other things. She is on a self discovery journey and enjoying every minute of it. The good, the bad and the ugly.

This a teaser of what will be published in the magazine My Soho Times later this summer, we will be front page and with some additional images in a feature article in the magazine.

I am super proud of being part of it, the shoot was awesome and the team great. I believe in elegance, class and personality, it is all here on a silver platter. Shot by the master Ivan Weiss I spent a day in paradise with these guys.

Last, but not least, I want to say thank you to all crew members as without them it would not have been possible:

Iconic Photographer

Photographer Assistant @tomtrevatt

Videographer @montelupofilms

Stylist Assistant @dunkpond

Hair/locs Stylist @locsmith_

Producer Assist @joeladamagueye

Now, let's see where this take us, shall we? I will of course keep you updated and if you have comments, please share.

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