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My "make me feel good" list:

Here, I will share with you what makes me feel good from clothes, jewellery, body products to my PT, the last book, film, series that I liked etc. anything. Just want to share my good plans.


I have this brand in Paris, that I absolutely love. Finally met the owner Belinda and we became friends. We even have common projects planned and are just now waiting for the end of the pandemic. If I want an African piece, I have 2 options, wait for my mum to come to Europe but it can be long or see what Belinda is doing. I have bought and been gifted lovely pieces from her and I am just in love with them. The online shop is here: Let me know how you like it.


So, yes, my PT is my sister Prudence but don't think she doesn't go hard on me. My sister is a PT but also a musician, a mum and a great sister. She saved my mental health during the lockdowns, as I was struggling, and with her fitness classes she not only cheered me up but kept me in shape and all that, all the way from Spain where she lives. She offers group classes and private classes online for those who do not have the chance to have the beach next door. I love it and I have seen a great difference on my body and my mind. My nightmare is cellulite and we are working on getting rid of it. Good for my soul and body so twice a week. Just for the irony, she has a twin sister (so mine too), who is an awesome baker; what a team!


My hair is precious and the only one allowed to touch it, in London, is my friend Dom. We work together on every project I have. Dom and I met 2 years ago and got on well very quickly. I need to feel at ease with people and they do not all become friends but I need to feel emotionally attached, even a little bit, to be able to collaborate fully with someone. She is talented, makes her own locks/hair products and is a nice soul. We talk about life and she does my hair and that's all we need. We support each other and I like that she is full of ideas and resources. Dom is a great person to have in my circle of friends and professionals.

Locsmith love your locks - hairdresser, London

A very cool thing about being a model is that you discover some cool brands. I did a modelling job for Motley last month Instagram @motley and just fell in love with their really nice jewellery. I am a chunky jewellery kind of girl, I like a good balance between rough and shiny and they have it all. I had a really nice time during this shoot and they were nice enough to offer me an industry discount for modelling with them, so........ I got myself their Love and Power rings, it's like they were made just for me (yes, like they were calling me...) I have a list of other items I want so will treat myself whenever I can with a Motley now. Great find!


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