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Yes, of course I am going to show off and show what I am doing.

A piece of advice when you start modelling, try to make sure that you will have photos or whatever content you are participating in creating when you go off set as it is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible to get if it is not aired, and sometimes depending on the territories you might never see it. Try to get as much information as possible beforehand so you can get it and keep it; it is useful when agencies, casting directors, and clients ask what you have done so far.

I did say that sometimes they just want a part of you, so take good care of your hands and feet as you can become a hands or feet model and that is a real deal.

See my hand:

You can do all kind of jobs when it comes to modelling: B to B, fashion (I hope I will do more), catwalks, commercial (online and TV) photoshoots, short films, music videos, there are a lot of possibilities. Another thing is photo banks/libraries, so you participate in a photoshoot and the photos go to a photo bank that are bought by brands, companies for their advertisements. Now, once you have been paid for the photoshoot and signed a release, what happens with the photos is out of your hands. You can then see yourself in a campaign in which you have not participated; you might not even know about it.

See: I wouldn't have known if my friend hadn't spotted us. That was a nice Christmas theme photoshoot with my daughters and it ended up used for Tesco. I say, why not but you want to be careful as you do not control your image.

Black models with locks
Mother and daughter

Music Video with a little bit of acting: Poundz "Get Rich N get Paid"

Last, but not least for this month, this promotional video I did for a great photographer, Hannah Couzens for her website I had a great time, got paid and got some great photos for my portfolio, that's a win win.

I have to say, I have never had a bad experience on set, always met really nice respectful people as I am myself nice and respectful. I really go on set as if going to the playground, it is fun, I am making money and managing my own time. That is the life I have chosen for the rest of my professional life.

Now, let me be honest with you, there is an evolution from 2014 and being an extra, following general direction in a crowd to being the main character in a commercial (I have 2 coming that I hope to show you soon) or being alone with a photographer, and the advice I give you is relax and have fun.

I have done this campaign for TFL and I am happy to be part of the campaign inviting people back on the network, it is about time that we get back on with our lives. I work with my friend Cain @caingsta when I need a fake husband as we look good together. It is great to have a circle of model friends to work with as the alchemy shows on screen and that makes a huge difference. I love working with Cain and I hope that we will do more together as I want people to see more models like us. If you see us around London, take a pic and send it to me please.

This one, for DocuSign, involved travelling to Barcelona in the middle of a pandemic, seeing my twin sisters who live in Spain, getting in a very expensive Bentley dressed like a boss. Yessss my job is tough right :)

For this one, I was in my element, listening to music for the Google Pixel Buds A-Series, cool crew in London.

A pleasure to be modelling again for the Bias Cut Boutique @thebiascutboutique (website Their collection AW21 is amazing and we had so much fun on set, 2 days of trying on amazing clothes (I know which ones will be hanging in my wardrobe)

The Bias Cut is special to me as they are the first Age-Inclusive Independent Online Fashion Boutique - Where Ageism Is Never In Style and I say Yessssss to that!

Venus Apovo - mature model


Mickey Monroe @mickeymonroexx

Rachel Peru @rachelperu1

and myself

Head over to if you want to see more of this very nice photoshoot with the great photographer @catherineharbour who made me laugh (and cry, because, I cry when I laugh!)

Working in PJ's for @sabinna_com for the Alma print collection. Sustainable fashion so soft on the skin, I am a great fan of this collection check it out on their website

More fun with @thebiascutboutique. The hardest is not to buy it all. Check out their great outfits on

I have had the lovely experience to work for a brand I didn't know before but was happy to discover Liz Earle. Take care of yourself, treat yourself, it's all about loving your skin and body.


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